All articles about IMCM® (International Multidisciplinary Change Management)

You will find here all the articles about IMCM® (International Multidisciplinary ChangeManagement) and discover the different sides of this change management framework.

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The change gap - initiative*magazine 11 by amontis

The change gap – initiative*magazine #11

This initiative*magazine focuses on changes and how to deal with it efficiently and professionally. It gathers key insights from different fields to give a broad overview of effective change management strategies. Weiterlesen

Plato, spokeperson for the strategy of change

Plato as a spokesperson for the strategy of change

Change has always been an issue for us, human beings. Plato’s cave allegory can help us shed light on important factors of a change. Weiterlesen

Interview IMCM Charles-Henri Russon

Interview about the IMCM® framework with Charles-Henri Russon

Charles-Henri Russon is one of the core founders of the IMCM® framework. We asked him a few questions to learn more about the model and its origins. Weiterlesen

The 6 dimensions of a change (IMCM®)

What is Multidimensional Change Management?

Multidimensional change management helps you understand the complexity of a change at different levels, the so-called dimensions. Weiterlesen