Retro 2019 – Perspectives 2020

The amontis team wishes you a wonderful new year 2020 (well, it is still January, so technically, we are still on time…)!

The beginning of a new year is always a good moment to take a step back, to reflect on what has been achieved as well as to plan what will come next. As we are quite proud of what we brought out in 2019 and very excited to share with you some of the suprises that will come soon, we wanted to sum all of this up here, in order to give you an update on what we have been working on and what we are looking forward to presenting to you in 2020.

Looking back at 2019

Let’s start with one of our biggest achievement of last year:

A new look

We started to rethink our design to make it clearer and more intuitive. As a result we started to update our homepages to present the amontis galaxy in a more understandable way. We will definitevely continue to improve it, add more relevant content and new features. If you have any comments on it, just know that we greatly value your feedbacks.

The special edition of our initiative*magazine was also one of the biggest challenges of 2019. This edition gathers a lot of worthful knowledge about change management across 12 articles and different themes (Agile, Lean Management, PMO, IMCM®) and is available in 3 languages (English, German and French).

We would like to warmly thank all the people who made it possible to elaborate this special edition! (the authors, the coordinators, the tranlsators, the proofreaders as well as the editors)

Scum Trainings + Business Games

We developped a new range of courses around Scrum (especially the Scrum Master and Product owner certifications). So far, our first clients were delighted by the exam preparations courses (the 99% succes rate at the exam might explain their enthusiasm). We also created specific business games (where you have the pleasure to play work with legos) to help transitioning from theory to practice…

New awards for our Kompetenz-Sponsor Program

In 2019, we won two awards for our CSR-Program „Kompetenz-Sponsor“ that helps freelancers or individuals working for social initiatives gather relevant knowledge for their activities – for free.

Networking (TEDx, Cold Runs and more)

2019 was also full of opportunities and we are really happy to welcome new members to the amontis network. Many thanks to the people who took the time to participate to our cold runs, who collaborated (in any form) with us, who gave us feedbacks or new inputs to make amontis better. We are looking forward to work further with you in 2020!

New clients


Alongside the collaboration with already existing clients, we could acquired at least two new important clients: one in the fintech sector – thanks to Sonja Thiemann for the support in the process – and one in the university sector. Acquisition will be one of our main focus next year, but more about it in the next section! 

Looking forward to 2020

We will continue the hard work in 2020 and we are thrilled to share with you new projects:

The amontis experts network (rollout)

We truly believe that we are stronger together and that is why we will push our amontis experts network further in 2020. This will includes a new collaboration model, with different level of commitments and rewards, to add transparency and structure to our network. We will also start new events formats, starting with our Bar Camps (more about it soon).

amontis institute rework

We will continue our effort of simplification to improve the customer experience by completly reworking our institute website.We want to make it much easier to navigate through all the seminars we (or the members of our network) offer.

IMCM - New products

IMCM® Book Cover

This is a process that we already started in 2019 and that we will roll out this year. We will bring out new products (in collaboration with our network) that will fit in the whole change project lifecycle as described in the IMCM® framework. With this, we will be able to provide a full range of services to help our clients at any stage of their change story.

initiative*magazine: Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitons

Our next issue of the initiative*magazine will focus on Mergers  & Acquisitions. If you have relevant experience on the topic and wish to collaborate, let us know! Thanks already to those who contacted us in this regard.

And more...

As you know, we are never coming short of ideas so be prepared for other surprises along the way!



As usual, if you have any feedback/ideas/suggestions, please leave us a comment or contact us directly!

Mathieu Blondeau

Mathieu Blondeau is a Marketing specialist with a strong international background. Open-minded and motivated, he gives the best to overcome new challenges.

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