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initiative*magazine #14 : Mergers, Acquisitions and Carve-outs: Reshaping for success

The 14th issue of our initiative*magazine focuses on Mergers, Acquisitions and Carve-outs. It deals with change, risk and crisis management and gives you key insights on how to reshape for success. It provides you with possible strategies to cope with uncertainty and presents a powerful tool (the DCA-Analysis) to quickly assess a situation and take fast actions.

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Table of contents:

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Mergers, Acquisitions and Carve-outs: Reshaping for success - an issue about risk management, crisis management, change management and more...

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    M&A + C

    At the time of writing, the COVID-19 crisis continues to put many businesses under great stress. For some, this was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. Others continue to fight for their existence. As a consequence, experts expect a surge in mergers and acquisitions. It’s going to be a buyer’s market.

    This supports the all too familiar picture of M&A as a cold, money oriented, cut-throat activity. Big, rich companies swallow smaller, good natured but financially less successful, struggling firms – and couldn’t care less about the business they bought and the people that came along with it. A financial transaction, detached from the heart and soul of the organisation. This picture is prominent for a reason: It reflects common worst practices of M&A. These ventures obviously have a financial interest at their core. But so do all for profit businesses as well as all employees wishing to receive a pay check at the end of the month. There is nothing wrong with financial interests as such. It is the way this interest is pursued that makes the difference – not only for the people involved but also for the bottom line. Intriguingly, there is a correlation between people, performance and success still waiting to be fully leveraged.

    This issue of the initiative magazine is dedicated to two changes of perception in regards to M&A. Firstly, in many instances, it provides an opportunity for a better business life not only from the perspective of shareholders but also for its dedicated and motivated workforce – if this dedication and motivation isn’t lost in the process. This brings about the second change of perspective: There is no conflict of interest between people and profit orientation as people drive profit. Herein lies a key opportunity or threat in regards to realising the business case behind the M&A venture that affects the bottom line result directly, positively or negatively.

    Arlette Dumont du Voitel

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